Your Guide To Prepping Your Garden For The Winter Months Ahead

Your Guide To Prepping Your Garden For The Winter Months Ahead
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Now that summer is almost over; it’s natural for our minds to start thinking about the colder months ahead. We may start planning to invest in more cushions and blankets for our homes. Perhaps cranking up the heating as the air gets cooler and the nights get darker. But what about your garden? It’s essential to make sure that this part of your property is taken care of and prepared for the harsher weather. With that in mind, here are my tops tips for getting your garden ready for winter.

Give your lawn the VIP treatment

With colder weather imminent, it’s important to make sure your lawn is ready. Ice, snow, and extensive rain can all have an adverse effect on your lawn condition. This is why it’s worth making sure you keep your lawn cut and trimmed for as long as possible. Also applying grass feed helps it to maintain its growth even through the colder months ahead. It can help eliminate any bald spots appearing due to rain and snow.

Get all those bushes and trees cut back

While not much grows too well in the colder months, it’s still an essential tip to get those bushes and trees cut back. What this does is helps that tree or bush remain healthy, sparking regrowth come the spring. If you don’t feel confident with this then you may want to enlist the help of a professional service.

Keep a close eye on your garden

We invest a lot of time in our gardens during the spring ad the summer months, but perhaps can lose a little interest over the winter months. But you should always try and keep a close eye on your garden and remain enthusiastic about what you have and what you can achieve. Websites like Vitax Garden World can be extremely interesting in providing you with options of plants to grow and things you can do in your garden all year round.

Give your garden and sheds a good clear out

As summer is over, now is the time to clear up your garden and sheds of any unwanted garden furniture or items. Creating space for things to be stored for the winter ahead. It’s no surprise that sheds and storage in the garden can be crammed full of unwanted things. Now would be a great time to get your garden a little more organised.

Repair any damaged fences

With winter weather, comes adverse conditions. If you find that some areas of your garden need a little maintenance, then it’s essential to get those things repaired. For example, broken fences. They can get worse when subject to heavy wind or rain. This could cause further cost and problems for you in the future. Tackle the issues now to avoid bigger problems in the spring.

Store things away

If you have any furniture that’s been out all summer, take the opportunity to tidy things away. You won’t want them left out during the winter months.

Steam clean any patios and decked areas

Finally, now is the time to get those patios and decked areas steam cleaned. This creates less of a job for you to do in the spring. While it’s natural for those areas to become subject to dirt and grime during the winter, it won’t be as bad if you have taken action now.

I hope this helps you get your garden ready for the winter ahead.


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