Why You Need More Wood In Your Home

Why You Need More Wood In Your Home
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Today’s homes are using a greater number of artificial materials than ever before ranging from chrome steel to plastic laminate. Good old-fashioned timber is being used less and less, but why are people abandoning this reliable material? Here are just five reasons to keep using wood to furnish your home.

Wood fits any style

Wood is timeless and fits in with practically any décor style. If you’re looking to design a bright classy living room, painted oak furniture could help to provide that luxury feel. If you’re looking for a living room with an industrial look, a reclaimed chipboard coffee table could do just the trick. Meanwhile, for a period property living room, you could always try a darker expensive wood such as mahogany. There’s always a place for wood.

It’s strong and durable

When it comes to strength and durability, wood is very reliable. Some of the most secure reinforced front doors still use wood. Meanwhile wood is also commonly used in construction for the very framework of most buildings, namely because of its amazing strength-weight ratio. Woods such as teak can also be great for outdoor furniture due to their resistance to water and great strength.

It’s eco-friendly

As materials go, wood is also one of the eco-friendliest. Whilst trees must be chopped down to provide wooden furniture, these trees more commonly come from sustainable sources in which whole forests are replanted after being chopped down. There are also a growing number of furniture types and fixtures made from recycled wood – it’s an easy material to recycle and can have its own charming rustic effects when repurposed. Metals and plastics in comparison have a much worse environmental impact – they don’t degrade as easily and use up a lot of energy to produce whilst releasing harmful emissions into the air. If you want a green home, you’re much better sticking with wood.

It’s economical

For those on a budget looking for high quality furniture, wood is often the best choice. Whilst there are some luxury timber options out there (including very expensive hand-carved furniture), the majority of wooden furniture is very affordable. It’s the go-to choice for flat-pack furniture and is often cheap to repair. Wood is also cheaper than many other natural materials – a wooden countertop is almost always cheaper than a stone one.

It’s good for mental wellbeing

Because wood is natural, it’s also a good material for our mental wellbeing and can have a more calming effect than many of today’s synthetic materials. If you’re looking to create a positive atmosphere in your home, consider adding more wooden furniture and see the difference.


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