Why Inspecting For Asbestos During A Home Inspection Is Important

Why Inspecting For Asbestos During A Home Inspection Is Important
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A while back we were looking at houses as we were looking to move to a larger home. We were feeling cramped and wanted to find a home that had another bedroom and bathroom! We looked online at the available homes that met our criteria and our budget and decided that we would look at the different homes together as a family. As our kids are no longer little toddlers, we felt their input on our new family home would be a good idea.

We had found several homes we had liked online so knew that this may take a couple days. The homes all seemed to be built at different times, some older, some not too old, and only one newish one. To me the age of the house didn’t really matter as long as it looked nice and was in good repair and of course the needed extra bedroom and bathroom.

We had more fun than I anticipated. The input the kids brought was surprising as there were things that I hadn’t thought were that important but were important to them. It did help us narrow down our choices to our top three favorites. However, then I heard someone else talking at the realtor’s office about asbestos. I had heard about asbestos of course but had not realized that homes could still have asbestos or really why it was bad for you. So, I decided I would look into the effects of asbestos and if we should have the homes we were considering, inspected for it.

Effects of asbestos

I did learn that the severity of symptoms depended on how long you have been exposed to asbestos, if you have any health conditions, or smoke. Simply what happens with asbestos, is that it has tiny fibers that can be inhaled. These little fibers can get stuck in the lung tissue and cause irritation. When scarring happens, it is known as asbestosis. This causes air to not pass as easily through the lungs. Another condition, known as pleural disease, is when the membrane that surrounds the lungs and chest cavity changes. The changes of the membrane can include thickening and/or fluid build-up, both result in difficulties breathing. Then there is cancer. Both lung cancer and mesothelioma are possible from exposure to asbestos. There are other forms of cancer that may be caused by exposure including cancer of the larynx, pharynx, ovaries, colorectum, and stomach.

So, after learning how bad asbestos is and that some of the homes, we were looking at could still potentially have asbestos in it, we realized how important it was for the safety and health of our family to have the homes inspected for asbestos. Make sure to follow up with an experienced industry expert if you are looking for more tips about mold and asbestos. Asbestos was used in the 1930s all the way to 1990. All three of the homes that we had on our favorite list were built in that time period. Knowing that our new home could potentially cause such serious harm, there was no hesitation to have them inspected to have peace of mind. Be sure to find a company that is well experienced in asbestos testing to be sure that the tests done are done professionally and safely.


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