Wasted Space: Three Areas In Your Home That You Can Use Better

Wasted Space: Three Areas In Your Home That You Can Use Better
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Sometimes we forget that what we pay for when renting or buying property is the square footage that it covers. Yes, that’s right, space costs money, and that means if you aren’t using the rooms in your home to their best advantage you are throwing cash down the drain! Luckily, you can find out where the three key offending areas in your home are when it comes to space, and what you can do to transform them in the post below.

The Hall

Your call may be a place that you don’t spend a lot of time in, yet it is still a vital area in the home, especially when it comes to space management. The reason for this is because the hall is a transition area where we change from outside clothes and footwear to inside ones or vice versa.

What this means is that if you haven’t got your storage and space management right in your hall area, coats, shoes, scarves, wellies, and bags can end up all over the house!

Luckily, there is an easy solution to this, and it’s creating a personalised organisation station for each home resident that includes a hook, a box, and a part of a bench. Then all of your families’ items can be stored neatly and effectively, making better use of the space, and making sure that entrances and exits go much more smoothly.

The Loft

Next, the loft is often a space that is ignored or used for overflow storage in a home, yet it can be turned into another entire room! A task that companies like Empire Lofts can help you with. Loft conversion companies can transform your roof space from a dark and dingy hole into a light and bright room. A room that can be used for just about anything you choose including a walk in wardrobe, office, or even a gaming space.

Yes, it does mean you will have to have a bit of a clear out first before work can begin, but do you need those Xmas decorations from 1979 or all of the kids’ baby grows, now they have grown up? Probably not, so get to, it and use that space more constructively.

The Garage

Lastly, the garage is another space in your home that you may not be using to its full advantage. In fact, few people even use it for keeping their car out of the elements, choosing instead to fill it with garden items and additional bric-a-brac that they can’t find a home for anywhere else!

Now, while it’s always a great idea to have a clear out and get rid of anything you don’t use or need, you don’t have to stop using your garage space for this purpose entirely.

In fact, you can get around this by choosing to manage the space better. All it takes is utilising the unused edges of the garage space for storage, something you can do by installing racking and containers. Then you will find it easy to have enough room to park your vehicle and keep all of your garden and outdoor items stored safely away.


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