Updating Your Kitchen Before Putting Your Home On The Market

Updating Your Kitchen Before Putting Your Home On The Market
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When selling your home, your kitchen is one of the main rooms that can either make or break a viewing. With that being said, read on to discover how to update your kitchen before putting it on the market.


Outdated kitchens


Kitchens are not only at the heart of any home, they are also majorly expensive to replace. If a viewer hates what you have in your kitchen, they are likely to be hesitant about putting in an offer, reluctant to face the high cost and upheaval of having either one replaced in the near future.


So should you take the plunge and get them completely refitted before putting your home on the market? On the contrary. It’s a major expense for you too.


However, there are a few things you can change, at little cost to yourself, that can make all the difference.


Check for cracked tiles, grubby grouting and failed seals around sinks and baths. These are easy and quick enough to replace or re-do.


Ensure all cupboards and drawers are intact and open smoothly. Update the look by changing handles and knobs to more contemporary designs. Or, if your cabinets are beyond saving, turn to a professional company like Mccormack Joinery for modern kitchen cabinetry that will help your home to sell. You don’t need an entirely new kitchen fitted but you do need to make sure your cabinets aren’t holding your kitchen back.


Refresh paintwork, using neutral or toning, complementary colours. It’s amazing how you can liven up a room with a fresh coat of paint.


Your kitchen to-do list

It goes without saying that you need to make sure your home is gleaming before every viewing! Dust and dirt have never sold any property! Make a plan to ensure you don’t miss anything out! Here’s your to-do list…

  • Clearout – The first thing you need to do is have a good clear out. Remember; do not keep anything on-show that is not necessary for presentation. Countertops should be cleared. Get rid of all the messages, pictures and magnets on your refrigerator. Not only can they look messy, but also they are too personal. Make sure you empty the bin in the kitchen and finish off with a nice subtle fragrance to mask any nasty odours. Make sure all kitchen items, such as supplies and sponges, are kept out of sight.


  • Clean – You need to clean every last corner of the kitchen. It is likely that the oven and stove-top will need a bit of extra attention. A lot of people forget about the exhaust fans, hoods and filters. If your burner pans are badly stained you should replace them. Another thing people often forget to do is clean the tile grout. Use bleach if necessary. You should also clean the sink thoroughly and make certain it is empty.


So there you have it: kitchen upgrades and your kitchen to-do list! Make sure you follow the suggestions above before putting your home on the market.


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