Top Ten Tips for the Perfect Christmas Table

Top Ten Tips for the Perfect Christmas Table
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So you’ve been out and bought all the presents and wrapped them, the food’s safely tucked in the fridge. The last, finishing touch for the perfect Christmas is laying a beautiful table ready for Christmas dinner. I’ve put together my top ten tips for the perfect Christmas table.

  1. Choose a theme for your Christmas table. Start by choosing a colour scheme. You could go for the traditional red and green colour scheme, or a more modern silver theme for a frosty, contemporary look. Once you’ve decided on your theme, stick to it. This will give the whole table a polished effect.Christmas Table
  2. Add a personalised place name for each guest. This makes everyone feel a little extra special and means they’ll also sit where you want them to, meaning you can position yourself near to the kitchen to avoid having to squeeze past somebody to bring in the next course.
  3. Lay the table on Christmas Eve if you can. This means you have time to resolve any last minute problems such as needing to find an extra chair, or worrying about who’s sitting where on Christmas morning. It’s always best to prepare as much as you can the day before, so that you can enjoy Christmas morning without running around trying to arrange everything. This goes for the Christmas food too! Prepare your vegetables as much as you can the day before.
  4. Set the table with a protective mat underneath your festive table cloth. This will help to prevent your table cloth slipping and will also add an extra layer of protection against hot dishes. Then, lay a runner down the centre of the table. These help to make the table look extra special and add a focal point.Christmas Table
  5. Use charger plates underneath your dinner plates to add a layered, polished look. Make sure the charger plates match your colour scheme.
  6. Add a festive candle to the centre of the table. For an extra special look, use freshly cut berries and holly leaves as a surround.Candle
  7. Use real, linen napkins. These add a lovely touch to the table and can be washed and re-used every year.
  8. Don’t forget the crackers. You don’t need to spend a fortune on them, but try to make sure they match your colour scheme and that you have one for each place setting.
  9. Make sure your table is sturdy. If you’ve had to drag out the tressle table to make enough room for everyone, then make sure it’s not going to collapse under the weight of dishes, plates and people leaning on it.
  10. Make sure your glasses are sparkling by washing them and drying them thoroughly so there aren’t any watermarks spoiling the look. Place a glass to the top right of every setting.

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