Three Reasons Minimalism Isn’t The Design Magic You’ve Been Led To Believe

Three Reasons Minimalism Isn’t The Design Magic You’ve Been Led To Believe
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In case you hadn’t realised, minimalism in the home is everywhere. You only need to open Pinterest or Instagram to see another sparse room. White walls and wooden floors are all the rage and make no mistake about it. Undeniably, this trend has its plus points. For instance, minimalism could help you get rid of that clutter you’ve been holding onto. Going minimal can also look fantastic. Let’s be frank; there’s a reason rooms like these have been blowing up on Instagram.

But, turning to minimalism without question may not be your best bet. In reality, this style doesn’t work for everyone. Rather than doing it because everyone else is, consider whether you can see this working in your home. To help you decide, let’s look at the darker side of minimalism which isn’t as widely explored.

Wooden floors can get cold

When it comes to stripping things back, nothing beats wooden flooring. Paired with white walls and sparse furniture, wood floors look the part, that’s for sure. What you might not consider is that wooden floors can get pretty chilly. Not only does the surface of flooring like this get cold, but it also lets vast amounts of heat escape. This is especially the case with rustic designs which have large gaps between boards. While additions like rugs can work to reduce the heat lost, something like a herringbone wool carpet can actually keep heat in. Not to mention that it’s sure to be warm and soft every time you step on it. If you value your heat, then, perhaps minimalism needs to go.

Personal clutter is prohibited

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Some say clutter, you say personal additions; either way, this stuff has got to go in minimalism. If you’re to have anything on your walls with a style like this, it’s stripped back art prints from your favourites. It’s certainly not whole walls of family photos. In fact, when you come down to it, the minimalist style is pretty lacking in any real personality. If you value the opportunity to make your mark on a room, then, this may not be for you. If you love the chance for guests to see the personal touches in your home, ditch the minimalism already.

Space should be seen but not used

Lastly, consider that minimalism means a whole load of wasted space. While it’s all well and good to finally clear your clutter, this isn’t space you can then go on to use. Minimalism is about having less for the sake of it. Then, you’re supposed to leave that space as is. If you’re pushed for room at home as it is, this is terrible news for obvious reasons. Think of all the things you could use that free space for otherwise. Without minimalism in your life, you could create a reading nook or a computer corner. If that sounds like a better deal, stop creating space for the sake of it and get ready for a house which suits you much better.

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