These Small Touches Are The True Secret Behind A Spa-Style Bathroom

These Small Touches Are The True Secret Behind A Spa-Style Bathroom
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It should come as no surprise that spa-style bathroom design is all the rage this year. A quick search on Pinterest will reveal all manner of luxury bathrooms to make you green with envy. We’re going mad for pebble-style decor and showers you could fit an elephant in. In fact, the more luxurious, the better. As such, many of us imagine the need to go big to make this work.

Hence, a lot of people put off their spa-style dreams, imagining they need to wait until their funds can stretch to it. But, what if we were to tell you that creating a spa-bathroom doesn’t have to cost anywhere near as much as you imagine? Admittedly, it is easy to get opulent when focusing on this design. But, if you keep your head about you, there’s no reason you can’t cut costs and still achieve a decent level of luxury. In truth, it’s possible to create the same impact with just a few small additions. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how you can create a home spa on a tiny budget.

Wonderful whirlpools

The whirlpool bath is the icon of any spa bathroom. Isn’t this what you’ve had your sights on all along? The trouble is, one of these could cost more than your current bathroom put together. And, that’s not ideal. In truth, though, there’s no reason you need to buy the real deal to see whirlpools in your bathing future. There are some much cheaper ways to gain this goal, and they’re well worth your attention. A little research will show you that there are a whole host of portable jet machines you can make use of underwater. Admittedly, they can look a bit bulky. But, who’s going to see when they’re submerged under water? For less than £100, you could get a fantastic luxury bath with these babies. All you would need to do is find somewhere to store them when they’re not in use. Just like that, you can achieve an extra level of luxury for a fraction of the price.

Did someone say shelving?

Aside from the luxury bath itself, a benefit of the spa is the chance to kick back with a glass of wine and some candles. They’re small additions which ensure your experience is as relaxing as possible. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from using these at home as it is. The only issue is that finding room for these around the bath can be a challenge. Many a glass of wine has spilled from slipping off the narrow bath rim. Many a candle has ended in disaster for the same reason. The answer? Shelving, of course. Shelving materials are relatively cheap to buy and easy to install. Yet, they could go a considerable way towards improving your bath time experiences. A simple shelf above your bath would give you plenty of space to perch your glass. You would even be free to invest in all the soy candles your heart desired, easy in the knowledge you have somewhere to put them. You could even use this as a place to rest your book while you’re washing. The possibilities are endless, and all from a little piece of plywood.

The finishing touches

The worst thing about leaving any bath is the need to step out into a cold bathroom. Even if you manage to achieve a touch of luxury in your bath itself, this cold reality would soon ruin the illusion. In a real spa, they have the money to afford underfloor heating of the highest quality. But, if you’ve researched that for your home, you’ll know that the average budget wouldn’t stretch that far. But, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with cold wake up calls after every bath. In truth, there are a few cheaper options for ensuring you keep that luxury touch going for longer. One fantastic choice here would be a towel heater. You can pick up a decent one of these for less than £30, and it ensures your towel is snug when you wrap it around yourself. It’s a small touch, but it could make a huge difference. You could pair this with a heated bath mat to make sure your tootsies don’t get chill. Again, the cost of these is a drop in the ocean compared with a whole underfloor system. Yet, if you close your eyes, you’ll be able to swear you were in a real-life spa.


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