The Key To Designing A Home That Suits Your Personality

The Key To Designing A Home That Suits Your Personality
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As a homeowner, one of the most satisfying things you can do is create a home that suits your personality. When your home reflects your personality, you’ll enjoy spending time in it far more, and be able to do the things you really enjoy. Here, we’re going to give you some valuable pointers that can seriously help you to put your ideal home together – take a look!

Make A Style Inspiration Board

Start by making a style inspiration board. Use magazines and print out pictures of home decor that you really love. You can then make a list of patterns that have emerged in the styles you’ve chosen. Maybe there are color schemes that have cropped up more than once, or design elements. By doing this you’ll find it so much easier to come up with a design you’ll love.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Different Styles Together

For an eclectic look, you can’t be afraid to mix old and new. Mixing different styles together allows you to create a look that is all your own, rather than simply copying somebody else’s home out of a magazine or from an Instagram post. There are smart ways you can make this work, such as picking a unifying element between two different pieces, like color.

Splash Out On Key Pieces That Will Make Home Life More Enjoyable

Make sure you have your budget figured out so you can splash out on key pieces that will make your home more enjoyable. For example, a bespoke shaker kitchen is going to be very expensive, but can bring you joy for years and years. You can even splash out on large ornaments that you love and know will last for years. If you really need something or something has caught your eye and you can’t quite forget about it, don’t be afraid to splash out.

Create Warmth By Adding Texture

Something that can make any home look more put together is texture. Texture brings warmth and interest to just about any room, so figure out where you can add more of it. For instance, your lounge area might benefit from a fluffy rug, some scatter cushions, and a plant. These elements can look beautiful and when combined, you have a perfectly textured room that looks far more put together.

Don’t Forget To Show Off Your Taste In Art

Most rooms in your home should have art. You don’t need to be an art connoisseur to show off your taste in art, either! You can show off beautiful artwork you’ve created yourself, that your kids have created for you, or that you’ve commissioned from a local artist. However, there are many lesser known artists online that you can find an consider ordering from, such as Sophie Tea Art. Artwork can be expensive, but when you know it’s going to last forever and bring personality to your home, you’ll enjoy it far more!

How will you begin designing a home that better suits your personality?

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