The Invisible Needs Of Your Older Home

The Invisible Needs Of Your Older Home
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If you have just moved into a period home full of character so you can enjoy the unique features of the property, chances are that you have already found several visible signs of wear and tear that need to be addressed. However, you should not proceed with your decoration projects until you have addressed the invisible problems that can make you touch everything twice. Below you will find a few pointers on where you should look first.


Older homes were not designed for today’s lifestyle, and chances are that your electrical system is outdated, and will not be able to cope with the electricity needs of your household. You want to use your washing machine, your dryer, and your dishwasher safely, but what if your wiring can’t cope, or there are breaks in the wall? You might be risking cutoffs, and – in the worst case – even electrical fires. Get a full assessment before you start decorating.


The next thing you will have to pay attention to is your plumbing. You might have old and worn pipes that could burst under pressure, resulting in thousands of pounds of damage in your property. You will need to talk to a plumber and ask their expert opinion. After getting a full survey, you can choose your long-lasting new range of Copper Tube that will make your plumbing more efficient and help you run your bath without that knocking noise.


Before you can start planning your laminate, tile, or real hardwood floor, you should inspect the condition of your floorboards. You don’t want to have to change your floor again once the floorboards become unstable or even dangerous. The good news is that you can get this issue fixed on a budget, and your floor will last longer with new floorboards, too. Try to step on every area of your floor and identify the loose floorboards. However, if there was a leak in the house, chances are that you will need to replace the damaged and rotten boards.


You might not see cracks and gaps in your wall, but feel the cold patches. If your loft is not insulated, chances are that you are losing a lot of heat without knowing. If you would like to upgrade your home and make it suitable for the 21st century, while saving money on your energy bills, talk to a professional to find out whether extra insulation would help you make your new home more cosy.

Structural Work

There might be some historic structural damage that is making your home less stable. If there were land movements, or your foundation has dampness, you will need to start with addressing this issue. You don’t want condensation and mould appear after you have completed your renovation project  and spent a small fortune on your decor.


If you are thinking about doing up your old home, you will need to look out for the hidden problems first to save money and hassle.


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