The 4 Golden Rules Of Bathroom Design

The 4 Golden Rules Of Bathroom Design
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Decorating a bathroom is deceptively hard. People often think it’s easy because they all have pretty much the same stuff in them. You need a toilet, a sink, a bath and a shower. Beyond that, you just need to choose tiles and a colour for the walls and you’re done, right? In reality, it’s not that simple and it can easily go wrong. Even though it’s a fairly simple room to decorate, it’s important that you follow the 4 golden rules of bathroom design.


Don’t Put Too Much In


This is the biggest mistake that people make because they think that functionality is more important than style. The bathroom isn’t a room that you’ll be spending leisure time in, so it’s fine to fill the space with a separate bath and shower and some big cabinets. But the thing is, you still need to consider the space you’ve got and make sure that there is enough space for you to comfortably dry yourself when you’ve had a shower etc. Only put in a separate bath and shower if you’ve got the space, otherwise, combine the 2. Think about what you’ll actually use and stick to those fixtures, everything else is just going to waste space and make the bathroom feel cramped.


Don’t Cut Corners With Fixtures


It can be pretty expensive to decorate a bathroom and you should try to make savings where you can, but don’t cut corners with your fixtures. If you’re getting cheap taps and shower heads, you’ll only have to replace them in a year or two anyway when they start leaking. You can still get good quality taps at a reduced price from places like so you can stay within your budget and make sure that you get good quality fixtures as well. You should also make sure that you’re not trying to cut costs on things like toilet cisterns etc. which will also break easily.


Add Plenty Of Storage


People often forget how important storage is in a bathroom, especially if the room isn’t that big. Without a good amount of storage, you’ll quickly end up buried underneath a pile of clutter which ruins the relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. All of those bottles of shampoo and shower gel need somewhere to go so make sure you’ve got good shelving in the shower and a couple of spacious cabinets under the sink. The best thing to do is consider everything that you need to store in the bathroom and then start to design accordingly.


Make It Easy To Clean


This is something that people often forget when they’re designing their bathroom but it’s important. If you don’t consider it, you’ll spend hours cleaning the bathroom every weekend. The thing you really need to avoid is spaces that are tricky to get to, like the space behind the toilet. By putting in a back to wall toilet you eliminate that space and cut down your cleaning time. As a general rule, try to go for flat surfaces that are easy to wipe down. Visit for more tips on designing an easy to clean bathroom.


Follow these 4 golden rules and you’ll be able to design and decorate an incredible bathroom that’s great for relaxing in.


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