Start Preparing For Winter This Summer

Start Preparing For Winter This Summer
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Now that the warm summer weather has arrived, the last thing you probably want to be thinking about is winter – it’s still half a year away! However, as barmy as it sounds, now could be the perfect time to start doing some of those winter prep tasks that often get left until November. It’s the cheapest and the most convenient time to do them. Here are just five winter tasks to get out of the way now.


Fix up your heating


It’s likely that you’re not using your heating as much, which could make it the perfect time to repair or upgrade it. This could involve getting your boiler serviced or replaced – you can find details on such services here Even if it’s preventative maintenance, it could stop your heating failing in the winter when you need it. Heating technicians and plumbers are also likely to be less in demand in Summer and more likely to advertise competitive deals in order to draw in customers.


Insulate your home


Summer could also be a great time to get your home insulated, helping to trap heat in and reduce your gas bills in the winter. The cost of installing insulation is likely to be lower in summer – given that this can be an expensive investment, such discounts are worth taking advantage of. Insulation could include loft insulation, double glazing, cavity wall insulation or underfloor insulation. There are many sites such as where you can read up on these types of insulation.


Stock up on winter clothing


Now could also be a great time to stock up on winter clothing. Many retailers slash costs on winter clothes in the summer resulting in huge discounts on jackets and winter shoes. You might not find any winter clothes in your local outlet but there will be many online retailers still stocking and selling these clothes such as this site


Start shopping/saving for Christmas gifts


Christmas is still a long way off, but summer could still be a good time to start shopping or indeed saving up for those big presents. You could set up a savings account and start putting money into now for Christmas. This could stop it being such a big blow on your finances when winter rolls around.


Plan an early year holiday


If you’d like to go away on vacation early next year, summer could be the perfect time to start booking your trip. You’re more likely to find early bird deals in the summer, allowing you to save money on flights and hotels. It can also be less of a financial strain than waiting until winter when you’re likely to be spending all your money on Christmas.


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