So, You’ve Got an Unwanted Gift?

So, You’ve Got an Unwanted Gift?
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The festive season is now over, and whilst you might have received some wonderful gifts, there’s a good chance you’ll have received a few unwanted gifts too.  The question, therefore, is what to do with these unwanted gifts – and how can you make use of them without offending the person that gave you the gift in the first place.


Today, many people are asking can you redeem a gift card for cash as some people would make better use of the cash (particularly after Christmas) rather than be forced to spend money in a particular store.  Yet, for most people with an unwanted gift, things are a little more complicated.

In this article, we’re therefore going to look at a few different ways you can approach your unwanted gifts.  First, however, let’s take a look at a few of the implicit rules relating to unwanted gifts.

The first rule is that you probably shouldn’t tell the gift giver about  the fact it’s unwanted – as they will have specifically chosen this for you, and perhaps put a substantial amount of effort in picking it out – albeit, you might not be able to work out why they chose this particular item.

The second rule is that you shouldn’t feel bad about not wanting the gift.  It’s not a requirement to “like” the gift someone has got you – just to act with tact and sensitivity around its disposal.


Many stores provide gift receipts so that you can take unwanted gifts back to the store, should you so wish, but this presupposes the person giving you the gift imagines you might not want the gift and therefore attached the gift receipt with it.  In reality, many people do this as standard practice when it comes to personal items such as clothing, but it can be tricky to have to ask them for it.

You can, however, still take the item back to the store without the receipt – the only challenge is that if the item is now ‘on sale’ you will get a credit note, or exchange, to the value of the current selling price rather than the pre-sale price.


The idea of putting your unwanted gift on eBay makes sense, but you must be careful the gift giver doesn’t have access to your eBay page – as it would be quite embarrassing, for both of you, to come across it on eBay.


The next thing you can do, if you are feeling charitable is to donate the gift to charity.  Many charity shops are constantly requiring items – and if there’s a new and unsealed item larger charities will have their own online shops to sell such items via eBay… which provides the anonymity you might require.  It’s also a kind and altruistic thing to do.


*This is a collaborative post.


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