Preparing to Give Your Home a Thorough Spring Clean

Preparing to Give Your Home a Thorough Spring Clean
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We may well be in the midst of winter, but now is a better time than ever to start planning a thorough spring clean. This process can help to rid your home of dirt and grime, leaving a sparkling and shining space where you feel comfortable spending time alone or entertaining guests! Here are a few areas to focus on!

Cleaning the Floors

Our floors have a pretty tough time when it comes to dirt. After all, we spend a whole lot of time walking dirt into them from the outdoors. So, what can you do to keep them squeaky clean? Well, this will largely fall down to the type of flooring you have. Here’s how to care for two different types to get you started in the right direction.

Wood Floors

Wood floors will require different care depending on the type of wood that you have laid down. So, when you have new wood flooring fitted, or when you move into a property that already has wooden flooring laid down, make sure to enquire as to how to care for it properly. You may have to use specialist cleaning products to maintain the quality. Also avoid getting the floors too damp when cleaning them – water can seep into the cracks between slats and cause damage over time.


The majority of us will run the vacuum around our carpets on a regular basis. This helps to pick up dirt and debris that falls into the pile as part of the course of day to day living. However, you should still conduct a deep clean on your carpets every so often. Professional carpet cleaning can help to really shampoo and wash your carpets without getting them so wet that they begin to smell of damp or build up bacteria. You’ll notice your carpets starting to look like new again, lifting shades and smelling fresh.

Cleaning Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are an oft neglected feature in our homes when it comes to cleaning. A large percentage of people believe that they stay clean of their own accord, seeing as they are in contact with clean water on such a regular basis. But this really isn’t the case. Constant exposure to a damp damp atmosphere can make shower curtains a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. So, wash your shower curtains regularly. Believe it or not, they can be put in the washing machine. Just place them in the machine with a couple of towels and allow them to wash on a gentle cycle. Hang them up to drip dry after. Once they’re dry, hang them back up where they belong. They’ll be good as new!

As you can see, giving your home a thorough clean can involve carrying out tasks that you wouldn’t usually engage with. But it’s important that you do pay attention to every aspect of your home and ensure that everything is shining from top to bottom. The above advice should help you to achieve this!


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