Old Home, High Prices: Cutting Costs When Moving Into An Old Property

Old Home, High Prices: Cutting Costs When Moving Into An Old Property
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Some house hunters can’t imagine anything worse than an old property. Such individuals seek modern designs, and won’t consider anything older than fifteen years. On the opposite end of the scale, though, you have the homeowners who seek old properties above all. These are what we call ‘character lovers’, and they can’t get past the idea of living in a house with history.

There are some real benefits to living in an old home. They have lovely additions, like open fireplaces and wooden ceiling beams.  And, of course, you get the benefit of knowing that your house has seen some amazing sights.

Sadly, those who do buy a house like this are often in for a nasty surprise, especially if moving from a new build. Soon, they may find their money draining away. While new properties designs have energy efficiency and money saving in mind, the same can’t be said for older options. So, there’s every chance your utilities will skyrocket the moment you set foot in your new, old home. Lucky for you, we’re going to look at some upgrades your home and purse will benefit from.


Window replacements


You’d be hard pushed to find a house built in the last ten years without double glazed windows. They’re a staple feature, and they save on an astounding amount of energy. Sadly, older properties don’t always bring this benefit. But, even a week in a non-glazed home will hurt your heating bill. Of course, you will need to seek permission if you’ve moved into a listed property. Old sash windows are often protected. But, it is possible to get replicas which can keep the history alive. Just take time to seek someone who offers this service, and make sure you get the necessary approval.

A new oil tank

Most new build homes have smart meters and eco-boilers. But, in an old property, you may have to deal with a little thing called an oil tank. This is especially likely if your property is in a rural location. While this would’ve been a more modern addition in the grand scheme of your house, it’s a pretty outdated option now. Lucky for you, on the face of things, oil tanks can save you money. But, if the tank in question is old, you shouldn’t hesitate to look into replacement oil storage tanks. An old or broken tank could lead to lost efficiency and even oil leaks. All of which can increase the amount you spend here.


A new boiler

Even if you don’t have an oil tank, you may want to take a look at your boiler. Old boilers can guzzle heat like nothing else. Outdated thermostats and old technologies mean you could waste a load of heat where you don’t need to. What’s more, you could pay more for an inefficient service. Admittedly, a new boiler won’t be cheap. It could involve a complete uphaul of your pipes. But, it’ll still save you money if you stick around for long enough.


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