Making Your Garden Fit For Entertaining

Making Your Garden Fit For Entertaining
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With all the great summer weather we’ve been having, it’s no wonder we’re turning to our gardens a lot more this year. The hot temperatures are the perfect excuse to invite friends and family round for BBQs and drinks in the garden, and a good way for you to get out and enjoy the sun.


Turning your garden into a space for entertaining is a wise move, and is something you’ll get a lot of use out of over the years. Make your garden fit for entertaining this summer with these useful tips.

Think about space

When building an entertainment space in your garden, you’ll want to keep things proportional to your house. If you go too big, the rest of your garden will appear small while going too small will make it difficult to fit in tables, chairs and other furniture. Consider how many people you could normally expect to have over and work it out from there. You can always start off smaller and expand over time.

Call in the experts

For a professional, well-thought-out entertaining area in your garden, you might want to bring in the experts. Hiring garden landscapers is an investment you won’t regret, and you’ll be amazed at the kind of garden makeovers they can offer. From creating a patio area to achieving great things with your fence, landscapers are worth the money to achieve fantastic results.

Make it easy to go from day to night

Well entertaining in your garden during the day is easy, what happens when you don’t want the party to end? There are plenty of things you can do to help make evening entertaining easier. Take a look at some garden lighting ideas for ideas for some contemporary styling that will transform your garden at night, while getting a chiminea, fire pit or some patio heaters will make sure everyone stays warm after dark.

Invest in sleek, modern garden furniture

Garden furniture has certainly come a long way in recent years, and there are some great styles you can buy which will give your garden a social, modern look and feel. Get furniture that’s durable and weatherproof, and invest in some good covers to keep things safe and dry during particularly tough weather.

Convert your kitchen

If you want to really make the most of your outdoor space, why not open up your kitchen? Adding bi-fold doors to your kitchen can make the most of your garden space and makes your home more suited to entertaining. Simply open the doors and you’ll have easy access to the kitchen from the garden with a much more open space. Adding bi-fold doors could add value to your home, so it’s certainly a home improvement worth considering.

Transforming your garden will give you the perfect space for entertaining guests over the summer months, but why stop at the garden? Why not transform the inside of your home too with some great ideas for revamping your living space? Wow your visitors and create a space you’ll love welcoming guests to.


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