Let’s Get Comfy! Revamping Those Living Spaces

Let’s Get Comfy! Revamping Those Living Spaces
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I admit that decorating your home is one of those things that people either love or they hate. However, I think we can all agree that most of us want and love to inject our personality into our homes. Big renovation projects can include the kitchen and the bathrooms, but I think the living spaces are one of those areas in your home that you can make a dramatic difference to without the need for knocking down walls and spending a fortune. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can revamp those living spaces.

Think about new pieces of furniture

One of the biggest changes you can make to a living room is to change some of the bigger pieces of furniture. Many of us will have sofas, perhaps coffee tables and other pieces like drawers or sideboards. Changing these or even upcycling older pieces of furniture can gieva whole new look to the room. This is perhaps one of the most expensive elements of a redesign and decoration, but could be well worthy of the investment.

Do you have a colour scheme in mind

Maybe a redecoration of your living space includes things like a change in colour scheme, and this provides you with the perfect opportunity to make some bigger changes to your living space as you nowe have new colours to play around with. Maybe you have always been a more neutral sort of person, but now love the idea of adding colour into your home and the living space is a great place to do it.

Create a feature wall

Colour can be added in many ways and so you can perhaps add a feature wall if you are not brave enough to paint the whole room in colour, and this can be a great way to introduce the colour to your room. However, feature walls don’t always have to be painted. You could do a collage of your favourite snaps and purchase picture frames to help you bring in a certain colour or theme.

Add new soft furnishings to the area

The living room primarily is a place to relax, socialise and spend time with family and even friends, so you may want to think about the soft furnishings you have in that space of yours. Cushions, blankets and other accessories for the living room can easily be purchased and incorporated into a new colour scheme. The beauty of adding colour in this way is that you can change things very easily if you get a little bored.

Style it up

Finally, why don’t you style things up a little with your living spaces. Set up the cushions in a certain way, arrange the blankets so they look great, and set up ornaments and pictures around to make things feel like home. This is also a great way to style up with the seasons and change things as and when.


I hope that this has given you some ideas on how you can get comfy and revamp those living spaces in your home.


*This is a collaborative post.


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