How to Maximise Your Interior Space By Custom Furniture

How to Maximise Your Interior Space By Custom Furniture
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If you are living in a small space and have loads of things to store, chances are that you will need to make a better use of the area you have and get rid of wasted space. No matter if you are using an interior designer to create custom designs for you or are putting your DIY skills to good use, you will be able to have more floor space and storage if you implement the ideas below.

Custom Modular Shelving


If you have limited wall space, chances are that you will not be able to make the most out of it by installing modular shelves. If you have angles in your room, or an attic space you would like to maximise space in, you will find this method useful. However, you can also visit your local DIY store and design your own shelving unit that fits perfectly in the corner and gives you all the storage you need without taking away useful space.

Alcove Space

Most people simply leave the alcove as it is, instead of building a wardrobe or shelving unit there. You don’t’ want to waste that much space if you need storage. There are plenty of great alcove storage areas that will complement your current design and fit perfectly in the space that you could otherwise not use. Instead of having an empty wall space, create something beautiful; a cabinet for your books, a desk with a chair that will help you catch up with work at home, or a display cabinet.

Storage Furniture

If you have limited space, chances are that you will need multifunctional furniture. From an ottoman sofa that holds all your spare clothes and bedding to a bed that has a few drawers where you can organise your shoes and accessories, there are plenty of great budget-friendly options you can put to good use. You might even get a seat at the end of your bed where you keep your cushions in the night and your bedding during the day. To create your own storage seat and choose the right filling, click here to find the perfect solution.

Built In Bedroom Units

There are a lot of wasted spaces in your home that you can utilise with a bit of imagination. In your bedroom, you will find quite a few. From the space above your bed to the one next to it, and below, there are plenty of valuable storage room to be discovered. If you don’t want to have multiple wardrobes taking away the floor space and make you feel claustrophobic in your bedroom, you will have to use the corners and order a built in bedroom unit that fits your room.

Bathroom Cabinets

One of the spaces most people struggle with is the bathroom. If you need to store all your toiletries and your towels, also your bathrobe and your spare cleaning items, you will need space. If you have an airing cupboard, you will have to create stunning shelves that will help you organise your space, However, if you don’t, it might be time to shop around for shelving units, invest in a radiator towel rail, and get a space saving cabinet that fits perfectly under your bathroom sink.

Maximising Wall Space

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When you have a small kitchen you will find it hard to find all your spices and utensils, This is where magnetic storage and other small shelving solutions come in. You can get a kitchen spice rack created or upcycled and add magnets to the bottom shelf so you can find your utensils, spatulas, and other items with ease. You might even have an open shelf that will hold your glasses and bowls safely.

Over-door Storage

When you are really short of space and can’t find a place for your spare summer or winter blankets, your cushions, and other items, you might need to look above your door. There are some ready-made storage items you can buy and install yourself, but you can also make your own to make the best use of the space that is otherwise no use to anyone. You can have your sports equipment or bike gear stored above the door, too.


If you are thinking about making the most out of your small space, you will have to get creative. Look for ideas on various blogs and interior design websites, and search for materials and furniture you can upcycle. Think about the unused and less obvious spaces you can utilise in your home.


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