How To Create A Stylish Kid Friendly Living Room

How To Create A Stylish Kid Friendly Living Room
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Kids have an amazing ability to leave a big mess behind them wherever they go. When you’re designing your home, you need to keep that in mind, otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of money on furniture and decor that is ruined in seconds. When the kids are a bit older, you can design your home based on style alone but when they’re young, it’s important that practicality comes first. The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house where the family spends time together so you need to take extra care when decorating it. These are some important rules that you need to follow when trying to decorate a kid friendly living room.


Robust Fabrics

Any fabrics are a danger area when you’ve got kids in the house because they’re likely to get things spilled on them. You don’t want to spend loads of money on a fancy sofa that ends up ruined by an arts and crafts project a few days later. When you’re picking fabrics, go for something robust that’s easier to clean. Leather is usually a better choice because you can just wipe any spills off without having to worry about stains. When it comes to the floors, wooden laminate is a good easy clean choice. The only downside is that it’s not that warm and comfy in the winter. If you don’t want to go for wooden flooring, you should look for affordable carpeting options so it doesn’t matter too much if they do get ruined. You can also get carpet tiles instead of a full carpet so if there is a stain, you can replace a single tile instead of having to replace the entire room.


Watch Out For Corners

Kids love to run around all over the place and sometimes, they’re going to bump into things. You can try to avoid it as much as possible, but the most important thing is to make sure that there isn’t anything dangerous in the room, and that means sharp corners. When you’re buying wooden furnishings for the room, keep this in mind and try to get things with rounded corners where you can. If you do have anything with sharp corners, get some protectors to put over them so they don’t do any damage if your kids bump into them.



Trying to keep the house clean and tidy is tough when you have children because they’ve got thousands of toys lying around all over the place. You’re never going to keep on top of it completely but you can keep things relatively tidy if you make sure that you’ve got good storage in the living room. You can get some simple storage boxes to keep all of the toys in but they’re not the most stylish option. If you want something more subtle, you should try to look for some living room furniture that incorporates storage. That way, you can keep on top of the mess and make the room look great at the same time.


If you follow these basic tips, you can easily create a stylish, kid friendly living room.

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