Green Decor: Bringing The Natural Touch To Your Home’s Interior

Green Decor: Bringing The Natural Touch To Your Home’s Interior
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Should you love being surrounded by nature outdoors, why not consider surrounding yourself with the best that nature has to offer you indoors as well. Without the need to plant a tree in the middle of your living room, here are some other ideas that we think you will find useful.

Fill your home with plants and flowers

This is the simplest option of them all. You can add plants and flowers anywhere in your house, giving you a healthier home, thanks to the natural air-purifying qualities this greenery gives you, and creating some wonderful scents in whichever room you add them to! Cheaper than buying a store-bought air freshener, and lovely to look at too!

Sculpture natural materials

If you have a flair with craft, there is no shortage of things you can create with the materials you find outside. As an example, check out the wonderful lighting sculptures created by Cameron Mathieson. Using driftwood, branches and roots, the results are magnificent. Could you do the same? Using whatever resources you find, you may be able to sculpture something that really adds character to your home.

Use natural flooring

By helping you to stay close to nature, and allowing you to do your bit for the environment, natural flooring both looks good and is a more sustainable option than traditional wood and stone. Bamboo and cork are great for harder flooring, and seagrass and sisal are perfect when considering carpeting. Check out a range of options at NaturalFlooring, or consider producing something yourself if you have the know-how.

Create a green wall

A preferred choice for people with limited gardening space outdoors, this is still a viable option to bring into your home’s interior. Take a look at the ideas here, and turn your home into a wonderful paradise. Not only can you create something that works as a piece of art, but you can feasibly grow a garden inside your property too!

Decorate with fruits and vegetables


Using Pinterest as inspiration, have a look at the wide variety of decorations you can make with your fruits and veggies. From table decorations to inventively created sculptures, there is no shortage of items you can create. Of course, you will have to dispose of perishable items eventually, although you can also do a lot with non-perishable dried fruits when you’re looking to add decor to your walls and surfaces. Take a look at these ideas on Etsy for a few examples.

Use items you find on the beach

You don’t need to do a lot with stones, pebbles, and shells. By picking through your options carefully, you can find all kinds of items with interesting shapes and colours. You can bring them back home and add them decoratively around your home, be they placed in a bowl, or placed singly in places of honor. Alternatively, you might want to create something with a little more imagination; in which case, here are some DIY creations that may give you inspiration.


Have you brought the outdoors into your home? Let us know, and give us all the opportunity to spend more time in nature indoors. Thanks for reading!

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