From Ruins To Renovation Planning In 3 Stages

From Ruins To Renovation Planning In 3 Stages
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Some might take one look at a home in ruins and reject it as a potential residence to house them and their family. However, opportunists such as you see it as a challenge, you might see a diamond in the rough in need of some TLC or some incredibly detailed architecture and character underneath the neglect it’s experienced over the years. Either way, choosing o to renovate a house is not a task for the faint-hearted and once finished will be a hugely worthwhile accomplishment.

To begin devising a plan to make sure your home renovation is heading in the right direction, the stages below will give you an inkling of what you need to do to get prepared.

Stage 1 – Home Survey

You may already have a home survey from you when you bought your house, and if you do great! This stage is for you to assess what kind of work needs doing and then to list the tasks in order of its priority. You can establish this by working out what jobs are detrimental to the safety of you and your family. Cosmetic changes, for instance, are the least important priority at this point in time. If you don’t have a property survey, you can either invest in one or create your own! All you need to do is walk around the home and recording any damage and causes for concern such as; faulty electrics, cracked windows, missing roof tiles, leaks, creaky flooring and so on. Anything that seems out of the ordinary for a safe functioning house should be recorded, and as with the home survey, each point should be listed regarding its importance so that you can gauge what needs doing first.

Stage 2 – Expert Or DIY

Following your assessment of the residence, work your way from the top of the list down and establish whether the work is something you, your partner or even a relative could do first to save on money. For instance, if your roof is missing a few tiles, and this is something you could fix yourself you could contact for a quote and order the supplies you need to your front door. If you don’t have the time or confidence to fix a repair, as with the example mentioned, request an expert roofer to look at the work that needs completing and gain an idea od how much this will cost.

Stage 3 – Budgeting And Scheduling

Taking into consideration the information you have been provided by an expert or alternatively, if you have worked out you can fix the repair yourself, you need to make sure the price is within budget. Further to this, is the repair practical to solve at this point in time? For instance, if changing the pipes for plumbing will take a few days, and the next available date for the plumber to attend is midweek, it may not be practical for you to stay in the house while the work is being completed. Due to this, schedule a time with the plumber once you have different accommodation for you and your family organised, the advanced effort will prevent drastically disrupting your routine.


Planning and preparing to renovate your home is vital to ensure that the all jobs are surveyed, accounted for money wise and designed to fit into your existing schedule without causing too much upheaval in your family life. If you have the funds, you may wish to schedule a few renovation jobs together, to save the course of the project being stretched across a long period.


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