Flair Rug – Manhattan Patchwork Chenille Black & Grey Rug Review

Flair Rug – Manhattan Patchwork Chenille Black & Grey Rug Review
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We’ve been after a new rug for a LONG time. We had one of those fluffy, deep-pile ones that whilst lovely to look at, just isn’t practical with young children around! It was forever full of biscuit crumbs and tiny pieces of random toys. Plus I dread to think how mucky it must have been!

So, when I was asked if I’d like to review a new rug, obviously I jumped at the chance. Particularly when I saw that it was a flat rug! No more hunting for tiny wheels or playmobil handcuffs!

More than that though, this particular rug is stunning.

It’s so important to me that even though we’re often overrun with toys, we also maintain a beautiful home. Pretty things make me happy.

patchwork rug

The rug has a really luxurious look – there’s something about grey and black that somehow oozes both comfort and class. This has a contemporary yet classic look.

The rug is made from gorgeous, soft chenille and feels beautifully soft and smooth. It makes the perfect addition to our living room. It would also sit beautifully in a cosy bedroom too.

Having such a smooth rug has actually been incredibly beneficial to us. Fluffy rugs just aren’t practical!

I love the stitched detail between the different panels.


The patchwork effect gives off a wonderful, homely vibe.


The rug is available in two different sizes – 120cm x 170cm and  155 x 230cm.

*I received this item in return for a review. This in no way alters by opinion, which is entirely my own.


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