Emergency Home Repairs 101

Emergency Home Repairs 101
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If you’re a tenant, there is nothing easier to manage than when something accidentally breaks in your home. If you are renting through a real estate agency, you can expect swift repair management, assuming that the realtor accepts that the damage was not your responsibility. For example, boiler repairs and leaky roofs are generally tackled without further discussion by the agency in a matter of hours. Unless, the breach occurs during the weekend, in that case, you might have to wait a few days before you can contact anybody.

But when you’re a homeowner, there is nobody left to call when something stops working. You are the one in charge, and consequently, you’re also the person who needs to pay for the repairs. However, the main issue with emergency repairs is that they can be time- and cost-demanding. So how can you best sort the situation out?

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Big repairs with no time to waste

Whether it’s the boiler that goes or your basement that gets flooded, there are situations in which you can’t delay the repairs. Indeed, the first thing you need to understand about an emergency situation is that there are different kinds of emergencies. Some faults have a potential to lead to dramatic repair costs if left unattended, while others seem to have happened without warning. The no-warning scenario is the most dreadful repair costs for homeowners. There was nothing that indicated something might break, and there is no way to avoid the expenses. However, you can help to soften the financial blow by looking for secured homeowner loans or getting in touch with your home insurance. Indeed, when you don’t have the budget for the necessary renovation project, you can find alternative funding solutions. The key here is to waste as little time as possible.


Recurring issues that affect the house

When an issue doesn’t appear suddenly, it’s that it has developed with time, as it is the case for mould patches. Indeed, mould doesn’t appear overnight. It needs a lot of time to develop in the right environment so that it’s impossible to wake up to a wall covered in black mould. The main area that provides a moist and humid environment for its growth is the bathroom. The sooner you tackle mould, the better it will be for your house and family, as it can affect your health as well as put your home structure at risk. You will need mould-killing products to clean the bathroom and mildew-resistant curtains and wall paint.


The little problems that can become an emergency if left unattended

Finally, there are small things that can get damaged over time and that nobody paid attention to. For instance, a rusty door lock set might be annoying, as you’ll find that you need to apply more pressure to turn the key. But as long as the lock works, you might be tempted to keep it in. Wrong! You can easily replace it yourself. And you should, as rusty locks are a favourite target for burglars. You may not be entitled compensation if your insurer finds out that you left a damaged lock.


From insignificant troubles to sudden complaints, your home will go through a variety of emergency situations through its lifetime. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that repairs occur in due time before the situation can get worse!


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