Beautiful Baubles

Beautiful Baubles
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I love decorating the Christmas tree with baubles and there are so many different bauble options around at the moment! There are classic, traditional, modern, personalised, glass and all manner of wonderful designs. Gone are the days when you’d just bung some tinsel on the tree and be done with it. Now you’re really spoilt for choice. I’ve found some truly beautiful baubles.

My First Christmas Bauble

Baby’s First Christmas

If there was ever a reason to buy a celebratory bauble, then baby’s first Christmas has to be it. Filled with your choice of clear shimmer tinsel, white feathers, sequins and stars.
‘My first Christmas’ is hand stamped onto a wooden heart. The child’s name can be written in blue, pink, gold, copper, or white. You can buy these for £9 on Etsy.

Bauble from bump

Bauble from Bump

Being pregnant at Christmas is so exciting. You can’t help but imagine how different next Christmas will be. It’s lovely to be able to include your unborn baby in the festivities and this beautiful bauble is a lovely way to do it. The tag read “Right now I am a little bump waiting patiently to meet you. Christmas this year I will spend in Mummy’s tummy but Christmas next year i’ll be here to spend it with you, merry Christmas”. These are selling for just £8.

Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs First Christmas Bauble

I love this, a great reminder to get out every year. You can choose from a variety of colour and wording options. I think this rose gold is stunning! Grab one for £9.50.

Valery Madelyn Woodland Blue

Valery Madelyn Woodland Blue Baubles

I adore these colours. Blue is a stunning colour at Christmas, it’s really on trend at the moment. Paired with these rustic woodland colours it works really well. This is a beautiful 49 piece set, you can buy this on Amazon.

Mini Confetti Baubles

Mini Confetti Baubles

Confetti bauble are simple yet really effective, the gold star confetti in these mini baubles will look stunning against the Christmas lights. Purchase online from Amazon.

White Baubles

White Baubles

Simple yet classic, these will look stunning hung on the tree. These come in a range of colours including midnight blue which would look gorgeous hung together. You can order these from Amazon online.

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Beautiful Baubles

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