Add Luxury To Your Garden With These Inspirational Ideas

Add Luxury To Your Garden With These Inspirational Ideas
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The problem with gardens is that they tend to look the same no matter where they are, who owns them or how big the space is. A patch of lawn, neatly coiffed, surrounded by borders of plants and maybe a tree or two tends to sum up the layout of the land. However, many people yearn for something a little more exciting for their outside space and want to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their gardens. If you aren’t keen on the view outside your rear windows, then take a look at these ideas to inspire your foray into garden design.


While you may think that your garage is the least luxurious locations for additions to your outside space you’d be wrong. Garages are far from the dilapidated lean-tos of yesteryear and are prime spots for a little additional glamour in your life. To add a real touch of luxury to your outside space, consider looking into infrared saunas. These are perfect for your garage and can be the ideal way to unwind after a particularly hard day at work. A quick remodel for your garage can insulate it fully to keep that muscle-soaking heat all trapped in. You could consider some over-sized bay-style doors to open your garage up to your garden, letting you come-and-go as you please between your lush garden and your tranquil zen-space. Just don’t be surprised if you have a few more visitors to your home arriving with their bathing suits as soon as word spreads that you have a new addition to your outside space.

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So, only a select few will be fortunate to consider such a luxury, but a pool is the epitome of uniqueness for your garden. If you have the square footage, you could opt for a kidney shaped traditional design, an oblong to practice your lengths or a plunge pool. Even if you don’t have ridiculous amounts of yard space, you could select a hot tub to install at the rear of your home. With an awning to protect you from the elements, some chilled out music and the hot bubbles, you could relax and enjoy your outside space in the most tranquil way possible.

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Vegetable Plot

While a vegetable plot doesn’t sound luxurious, the sorts of things that you can do with the produce from such a venture can be. If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen and love cooking up some gastronomic delights for your nearest and dearest, there’s nothing better than being a tad more sustainable and whipping up a new dish from the veggies on your patch. With flair and finesse, you can invite your friends and family round for a spot of al fresco dining to sample your culinary delights. There’s nothing more exciting than toiling away, growing a crop and using it in a new and exciting dish that you create. Tending to your plot can be relaxing, and you can really hone your horticultural knowledge.


If you fancy giving your garden a bit of a facelift, don’t just whip out the lawnmower and do a spot of weeding. Go a step further and enjoy adding a touch of luxury to your outside space by using these ideas to inspire your garden design adventure.


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