5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Front Door

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Front Door
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Is it time to upgrade your home’s front door? Here are just a few reasons to consider repairing/replacing your front door.


Upgrading your front door could help to improve your home’s security. This is especially the case if the locks are broken, in which case you probably want to call out an 24/7 emergency locksmith. You should also be weary of an old door with worn hinges or flimsy panels. Newer doors are much more robust making it difficult for a burglar to break in – there are many heavy duty options out there that you can buy. You could even consider adding extra inside locks and bolts or even upgrading to an electronic lock.



Your old door could be causing your home to lose heat in the winter. Newer UVPC doors are better at containing heat and don’t warp over time, so you won’t end up with cracks that let in drafts. This could help to save you money on your heating bills.

Weather protection

In some areas such as high-risk flood zones, upgrading your front door could also help prevent weather damage to your property. You can buy specialist front doors with water tight gasket seals and reinforced panels that can help to keep any floodwater out. There are also doors out there that are ideal for battling high force winds usually built from thick wood or hollow metal. If you have a problem with drafts, you may be able to get away with simply adding draft excluder strips to any gaps in the frame.


Natural interior light

If your hallway is gloomy, it’s possible to buy a front door with glass panels that will let more light into your home. There are lots of front doors available with glass panels. Unfortunately, these doors may compromise security and insulation – you should ideally look for doors that use reinforced frosted glass to keep away burglars as well as potentially being double-glazed in order to prevent heat from escaping.

Curb appeal

Upgrading your front door could also have aesthetic benefits, giving your home more curb appeal and increasing its market value. Bright colours such as red and turquoise are great for making your front door stand out – this is one of the few places where you’re much better off choosing bold hues over neutral colours if you want to increase the value of your home. Alternatively, you could opt for a traditional wooden door with ornate panelling and preserve its natural wooden tones for a rustic touch. When it comes to metal doors, there are lots of industrial finishes that are currently in vogue such as the distressed black steel look or a copper and stainless steel mixture for a modern wavy design. You could even opt for a funky opening mechanism such as the pivot door. Certain door designs may affect security or insulation so bear this in mind and weigh up which factors are more important.


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