4 Ways Wasting Space Affects Your Lifestyle

4 Ways Wasting Space Affects Your Lifestyle
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Space might be infinite – or is it believed to be by most astrophysicists – but it doesn’t apply inside your home. In fact, under your roof, the available space is not only finite, but it is, more often than not, extremely limited. As a result, many homeowners and tenants struggle to maintain a lifestyle free of stress and waste within the four walls of their accommodation. To be perfectly honest, everyone is guilty of misusing the space at home. Whether it’s filled with clutter or not adequately monetised, there is a lot more you could do with your home space. More importantly, you could dramatically improve your lifestyle if you knew what to do. Here are some practical ideas to get you started.


#1. Clutter that accumulates and stresses you out

The square footage of your property doesn’t come for free, whether you’re renting or buying. Consequently, wasting it is the equivalent of throwing cash down the drain! After all, you’ve paid for the space, so why shouldn’t be making the most of it? The areas that are more likely to be ignored and covered in cluttered at home are your hall, your loft, and your garage. Aside from physically blocking access to an area, the more your accumulate things, the more stressful your home becomes. Clutter clogs up your mind and makes everything look unappealing.


#2. You could rent your spare room

You often need to look for properties with more bedrooms than you need if you want a large living room. But what do you do with the extra room? If you’ve let your spare bedroom fill with unwanted items and furniture you don’t know what to do with, it’s time to give it a purpose. With the Rent A Room scheme, you can take on a lodger and earn up to £7,500 tax-free income per year – anything on top of that goes into your SA tax return. Using the back to school frenzy for change, you can empty the room – keep everything with a Squab self storage solution – and advertise it. You’ll need to have at the very least a bed ready and a wardrobe.


#3. I’m sure I’ve never received that bill

If you’re the kind of person who lets papers accumulate on the office desk or on the shelves, you might struggle to find important documents again. Forgetting to pay an invoice because you can’t see it again can have costly consequences. Consequently, to reduce clutter and make the most of the space in your home office, you should develop an organisation system. Digital invoices are easy to manage – they don’t cover the desk in loose piles! And they come with automated reminders!


#4. What’s at the back of the cupboard?

If from time to time, you let curiosity win and explores the back of your kitchen cupboard just to find rotting food, you need to roll up your sleeves and organise a cupboard clear out. You’ll be pleased to find that your overfilled cupboard can suddenly gain a lot of extra room through the process. Additionally, this will save you from buying the same item twice.


Stress, unexpected costs, and missed opportunities, wasting space at home come with a variety of consequences. Thankfully, the more you reclaim your space, the easier and fuller your life will be!


*This is a collaborative post.


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