4 Rules For Furnishing A Bedroom

4 Rules For Furnishing A Bedroom
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Furnishing a bedroom is easy, right? Just put a bed in, throw a couple of bedside tables and a wardrobe in, make sure they match the wall colour and you’re done. If only it were that easy. In reality, you’ve got to be very careful about how you furnish your bedroom because if you get it wrong, you can easily undo all of the hard work you’ve put in decorating the rest of the room. To make sure that doesn’t happen, just follow these 4 simple rules for furnishing a bedroom.


Pay For Quality


There’s nothing worse than old chipboard furniture with a plastic covering on it which starts peeling away at the edges. It looks awful and you’ll end up replacing it. You might think that you can save money by getting cheap furniture in but by the time you’ve replaced it a couple of times, you’ll be spending more than you would if you’d just paid a little extra for good quality stuff in the first place. Don’t try to cut corners and buy cheap, spend your money on decent handmade wardrobes and drawers instead. They’ll look at lot better and more importantly, they’ll be solid wood so they’ll last you a lot longer. Even if they do get a bit tatty after a couple of years, it’s easy to sand them down and repaint them.


Build Around The Bed


When you’re decorating any room, it’s always important to look at the focal point of the room and build everything else around that. In your bedroom, the bed is almost always the focal point. It’s the largest piece of furniture and it’s usually right in the centre. That means you should always choose the frame and the bedding that you’re going to use before picking anything else out. This will dictate the style of the room so pick carefully. Once you’ve got the bed in, you can then start choosing pieces of furniture that go well with it.


Don’t Match Everything


When you’re picking things that go well together, it’s important to remember that doesn’t just mean things that match. It’s nice to have some pieces that match one another but there is a limit. If you match every single piece of furniture or even buy it all in a set, you risk making your bedroom look more like a hotel room, devoid of any personality. It’s logical to match some things like the bedside tables, but don’t go overboard.


Be Realistic About Size


While it might be nice to have a huge king sized bed to sleep in, it’ll ruin the bedroom if it isn’t big enough for that. You need to be realistic about the size of the room and choose furniture that’s suitable for it. If you fill all of the space with a big bed, you’ll have to sacrifice storage space and the whole room will end up feeling cramped. It works the other way around too; if the room is particularly big, you need to fill that space or the bedroom won’t feel cosy and relaxing.


Follow these 4 simple rules and you’ll be able to furnish your bedroom properly every time you decorate.


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