3 Important Things To Tell Yourself When House Hunting

3 Important Things To Tell Yourself When House Hunting
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Home is where the heart is… But if your heart no longer feels at home then those four walls are just a house. There are many reasons why we might outgrow or fall out of love with the home, no matter how much time and effort we’ve invested in making the living room luxurious or the kitchen a happy place. Maybe your relationship with a partner has ended and everything in the home reminds you of them so you need to get out for the sake of your sanity. Perhaps you have a new arrival on the way and your home is simply no longer fit for purpose. Whatever the reasons behind your proposed move, house hunting can be a fun and rewarding activity that gets you thinking about the future with hope and positivity… But it can also be a stressful and frustrating time. Here are some things that you’ll need to tell yourself in order to handle house hunting with grace and aplomb…

Don’t ever fall in love at first sight

This one is easier said than done, but in many ways, falling in love with a property at first glance is almost always setting yourself up for a fall. Even if you’re able to make an offer on the spot and even if you’re lucky enough for that offer to be accepted there’s still so much that can go wrong. If the property will put you in an upward chain you could be waiting months and months before you ever step foot on the property as its owner, during which time you may get cold feet and other properties may pass you by.

Whatever you think it will cost… you’re probably underestimating

The costs of buying a home are many and varied and even if you think you’ve taken everything into consideration, there’s probably something you missed. From surveyors to conveyancing lawyers and other legal and administrative fees, there are many factors that go into the sale of a house, some of which may elude first time buyers. The Money Advice Service has some useful information to help buyers calculate the cost of moving. You must bear all of the costs in mind not only when it comes to the move itself but when it comes to the monthly living expenses that will all add up.

Shop for today, buy for tomorrow

If you’re going to be buying a property you should try and shop with the future in mind. The property should be sustainable for both best case and worst case scenarios. If you have another baby, will the property be big enough to support your growing family and give everyone the space they need? If you lose your job or have to work reduced hours, will you still be able to keep up the mortgage payments? By all means shop for today, ensuring that the property can meet your existing lifestyle requirements. But you should also make sure that it will see you right for whatever comes tomorrow.


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